How to Run a Successful Blog in WordPress

There are many ways to post successful blog in wordpress:
Publishing content regularly – which you need to do if you want search engines to find you, and attract an audience which returns regularly.
Sharing content – Sharing content is great way to gain traction with your audience, you need to share content outside your site and encourage others to share it, too.
Managing subscribers and comments – if readers are engaging with your content, you need to respond! we can provide you some tips to help manage engagement without it taking over your life.

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Fix WordPress / Fix WordPress Theme Issue

WordPress is an incredibly powerful publishing platform with such a huge number of clients and an extremely diverse set of usages it’s inevitable that something somewhere goes wrong.
Number of blog posts opened regular on as well as on different gatherings and obviously almost every theme developer’s support page concerning the most common issues that can be answered out very rapidly and effectively.
Below are the problems along with their fixes (Fix WordPress):

1. Stylesheet Is Missing

The Fix: Locate the folder you have theme on your desktop and open it (if it is zipped, unzip and open it). Presently when you open it you should see all your files in there, if not the theme is likely in a sub-directory. For instance my premium themes all have the theme inside an Upload folder. Generally it’s somewhere obvious and the actual theme folder will likely be named the same as the theme. Once found zip it and upload via WordPress or upload the unzipped folder via FTP.

2) Errors with Sample Data Import

The Fix: a) The first could attempt to load taxonomies or posts from the custom post types that actually do not exist as of yet.

  • Activate Theme
  • Double Check Theme

b) Another reason could be that the pictures are not being downloaded.

  • Check the box
  • Images areaccessible

3) WordPress admin dashboard is not displaying properly.
The WordPress admin dashboard is displaying without CSS. All the links are not arranged properly.

    • Proxy & Firewall
    • Upgrade WordPress Plugins

4) My Posts Are Returning 404 Errors
If you have posts that are now returning a 404 error page, don’t freeze (yet) most of the time your posts are still there and you just need to update your permalink settings to fix the issue. This is very common with themes that use custom post types. Whenever you activate a new theme that uses custom post types you should reset your permalink settings.
Fix: Go to Settings-> Permalinks and click the save button
If this doesn’t work you might have to update your.htaccess file manually.

5) My Menu is Empty
This is type of issue does not harm those users who use WordPress on daily basis, but if you are new to it or you have used WordPress couple of years back and then just getting it backyou get confused as why your menu is blank / empty the theme is installed by you.
FIX: Bounce over to Appearance Menu to setup your menu

6) Styling Changes Aren’t Doing Anything
Fix: There are a few things you should check to ensure your edits take affect:

      • Disable Cache
      • WordPress Customizer
      • Background not changing
      • WordPress Editor Changes

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